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Hello… seems like you’ve come to my website design page.

Well now you’re here...

The selly bit:

Humour me for a minute - and try a simple test.  Google YOUR OWN NAME .  What do you find?  Now Google my name Phil Kerswell and see what comes up. My website right? (If not please let me know! ).  And several other sources which tell you who I am and what I do.

I can’t promise to get you top of the search list. But simply having a website helps YOU to control what people see about you and your business online.  

And it’s a quick dynamic way for anyone you to see your CV, show reel, product range, event poster and company profile at one click. You can choose pretty well any design you like, with stills, videos, interactive maps etc.

Please be sure to read my T&Cs.

Phil's Web Design

These are some websites I've designed and set up.  That includes designing the layout, helping write text, edit pictures and videos, and organising all the techie stuff.  Oh and I did this website too of course! 

Send me the info and the pictures and I will do all the rest. You can have a website up and running in days - with no further costs for three years. I can even help you set up an online shop.

What does it cost?

OK... the tough question first. There are some fixed costs, but every website is unique, and so the main question is how much of my time it takes.


Clean, Bright and Lively


Domain Name

Hosting x 3 years


Up to five pages.

Free personalised email

No annual fees


Complex & Dynamic


Domain Name

Hosting x 3 years

Photos. Videos.

Scrolling pages.

Free personalised email

No annual fees


Online Shopping


Domain Name

Hosting x 3 years

Photos. Videos.

Scrolling or up to 6 pages

Online shopping.

Free personalised email

No annual fees

NOTE: this example is awaiting alterations to include video and online ordering

I'm happy to mix and match - so please get in touch and once we decide the type of website you would like, we can agree a price.

What do you get for the money?

- A bright & breezy professional website including photos and videos.

- A domain name chosen by you (eg:, and registered for three years.

- Free email account (eg

- Help with improving your SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) - that's how people find you on the web. I can't promise anything, but I can offer advice. 

- No further costs. At all. 

What you don't get:

- Monthly fees ... many web design companies charge anything from £30-£50 a month "maintenance" fees. My charges are for a one-off service, and include registering your website domain name for three years, and hosting the website on a server for three years). 

- Bullsh*t. I'll tell you what I can do, and if you like it we can work together.  I am not a code-writer, I'm not a social media guru. I just know a bit about words and pictures.

- Annoying pop-up ads. 

What else can I do?

I can take photos, write the words, make you a short film, organise the design of graphics and logos, and animations.  If you plan to sell products, I can set up and help run your online shop. These services will all incur addition fees TBC. But it's not crazy money: for example I can film and edit a 90 second web film for £300.

Where do we start?

Let's talk!  I don't charge for initial consultations. So please get in touch, and we can discuss  what you want, and what I can offer.  If we decide to work together, I'll want you to send me any images, videos and background/writing that you might want included, so I can put together an initial draft.

Are there extra costs?

No. The price I quote is the price you pay. No VAT. No hidden extras. No ongoing fees or charges. Your website's domain name belongs to you, so you can move it without any extra charges any time you like (*see my T&Cs).

The initial discussion is free, but once I start work, I ask for payment in two stages.  At the outset I'd like you to pay the external costs (to cover domain name registration and hosting with third parties). I won't bill you for my design fees until your website is up and running and you are happy with it. 

Please read my T&Cs

Web Design : FAQ

Q: Why do I need a website?

A: Your own website is a corner of the internet you control - you can make sure clients, companies, and others see the information about you that you put out there.  It looks professional, is easy for anyone to navigate, and unlike Facebook is not cluttered with other people's videos of cats, or adverts.

Q: Where does the money go?

A: Some is paid out to register your domain (eg: Some is paid to me to cover the “hosting” company (which is done by a third party company, and is where the files are held on a server connected to the web). The rest is my fee for the design work. 

Q: Can I get a refund?

A: No and Yes.  The domain registration and hosting is with a third party company and cannot be refunded. If there are issues with these (eg: unreliability of the website) then I will try to get them sorted on your behalf, but I cannot be heed responsible for them. My fees are only payable once you are satisfied with the site I have designed. These fees are a flat rate for a given time, paid in advance, and not refundable, even if you decide you don't want a website any more. If at any stage you are unhappy with the website, or have a compliant, please get in touch. If the  service does not live up to anything I have promised then a full or partial refund will be considered.

Q: Who owns my domain name?

A: You do. I will register it, but once you have paid for that, I will give you the relevant information and you will own the domain. 

Q: Can I take my domain elsewhere in the future?

A: Yes.  I never tie people to stay with me. If you want to go elsewhere at any time you can take your domain name with no exit fee. However the website I build is made with proprietary software, and cannot be transferred to another system.  I do keep backups of all pictures and videos, and can supply these to you free of charge if you want to take them to a new provider.

Q: Can I change my site, or add new information and pictures? Or have a redesign?

A: Yes. I'm happy to make occasional small updates. These will incur a fee to cover my time (£25 per hour).  Larger changes will take more of my time, and so cost more - get in touch and let's agree something.

Q: Can I log into my website and make changes myself?

A: No. It doesn't work like that. The website it built using a software package on my laptop. It is then uploaded to the hosting servers. Any changes have to be made on my software and then uploaded. 

Q: Can I claim back the VAT?

A: No. I do not charge VAT.

Q: Can I offset the cost against my income tax?

A: Best to ask your accountant. However my experience is that if you are self employed, and the website is part of your promotional costs, then you may be able to offset it against taxable income on your HMRC self assessment.

Q: Why isn't my website at the top of Google searches?

A: I design websites. But I cannot guarantee search results or hits. The way Google and other search engines work is very complex. The best way to raise  your website's profile is by linking to it from other places:

1)  Put a two paragraph profile and a good photo on every free site you can find. Include a link to your website and this will  help Google find you:

eg:  Talent Manager, Twitter, Vimeo, Linked In, Instagram, Facebook (you do not need to be active on these services, just a brief profile will do).

2) Get your friends/colleagues to include links to your website from their pages. For example if you worked on a project with them, maybe they will mention you on their CV website and include a link to your website. And you could do the same for them.

Q: Why does my webpage say it is not “secure” at the top?

A: There is no need for all websites to be secure.  This does not pose any threat to visitors to your site, or to you. Secure sites are only necessary if you are asking visitors to enter personal or sensitive information, like their email address, or credit card details. If you want to add internet security to your site. I can arrange this - the hosting provider currently charges approx £35/year.  If you want to sell products through your website, or on Facebook, I can help organise that through a third party company - that means they deal with secure payments, and you pay a percentage of each sale to them.

Q: Can I sell things online on my website?

A: Yes.  I can help you register with a secure online/virtual sales company, which will offer secure checkout to protect you and your customers. They will charge a percentage of sales.

Q: My website is not loading properly, or the video won't play, or there's a spelling mistake?

A: Try reloading the page. Check you have a good connection to the internet, especially if trying to play video content. Even if everything else is OK, it might just be one of those random internet glitches, which clear themselves soon enough. BUT if it persists please contact me and I will check it out.


Please call or email me

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