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Phil Kerswell

Most people regard "the media" as a mysterious and sometimes scary world:

Why are some things news and others not?  How can I do a better interview? What do I tell the reporter who has called me? How can I get my product in front of a TV audience?

During my career I have been involved in mentoring people wanting to learn more about the media as a career, and training inexperienced on air presenters.  And I've advised people from all walks of life on how to make the most of any "media" interest in them or their products.

My approach is to show people how the media industry works from an insider's perspective -  so you can be confident and know what to expect, whether the media approaches you, or you want to tell them about your story. 

I can tailor-make training packages to suit you:

  • How TV works - an insider's guide
  • Why decides the news agenda
  • What does  a TV crew/reporter want from the interview 
  • Real-life experience of being interviewed for TV, radio and newspapers.
  • Even how to make  your own videos for the web on your phone

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Just Farmers is a not-for-profit organisation founded by farmer's daughter and BBC journalist Anna Jones.

She aims to help farmers understand how the media works, and can be their friend...

And help the media see how farmers work and can be a great source of very real stories.

I'm one of Anna's regular trainers - helping devise and run workshops on "How TV is made" and "Television editing".

This is "experiential" media training. Practical workshops where current media professionals explain the inside workings of TV, Radio, newspapers and social media - and how they can work for you.  

The sessions include hands-on exercises in:

- what it's like to be interviewed on camera

- what a journalist or TV crew want from you 

- what is news? And where does it come from?

- how to target the media to get your story across

- filming and editing on your phone

- how to survive a reporter grilling

- the importance of social media

Many of the farmers who have attended the workshops now produce their own social media and vlogs, and some have appeared on media outlets including BBC Radio Four's Farming Today and Countryfile.

This form of training and advice can be adapted and tailored to any situation, and a business or individual who wants to understand the media from an insider's perspective.

Promo film for Just Farmers


Filmed by Alex Price and Phil Kerswell.  

Additional material by course attendees

Edited by Sam Cheney

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