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Phil Kerswell

I am a freelance film maker, writer, blogger and web designer.

Currently making use of many years experience working on high profile TV programmes, to help others share their vision.

My skills include:  

Naturally creative 

                     Love to collaborate

                                      Calm on the outside

                                                     Highly motivated on the inside. 

                                                                       Proud to be unflappable.

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What I can do for you

I've spent more than 30 years in the communication business - as a newspaper, radio and TV journalist, and factual TV programme maker.  

I have the insider knowledge... on how to tell your story.  

How to get your message across. 

And I bring the highest standards of writing and filming to your project through :


media advice   :   public relations   :   short films   :   media training: 

photography   :   press releases  :   social media   :   web design


High end broadcast television demands the very best - and I have made some of the UK's most watched BBC TV programmes.  It takes creative vision,  attention to detail, and knowledge to make film sequences that really leap out of the screen.  

Using tried and trusted techniques, I can bring  sparkle to your public profile, and your social media. Together we can create lively and engaging imagery for your product or service.  

And I can teach  you easy shortcuts to creating your own vibrant short films.


Press releases. Briefing papers. Ghost writing. Promotional pitches. 

 Tabloid journalism taught me that words are precious.  

Writing should be simple and to the point. 

Cut out jargon and present information in ways that are easy to understand  and engaging.  And always maintaining the highest standards of accuracy.  

With my help, get to know your audience, speak their language, 

and they will hear you.

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